23andMe, the popular genetic testing and analysis company, made several exciting announcements at Rootstech 2023, the largest genealogy conference in the world. Here are the highlights:

New Health Reports
23andMe announced that they will be expanding their health reports to include more conditions and traits. The company already offers reports on ancestry, wellness, and carrier status for certain genetic diseases. The new reports will provide customers with insights into their risk for developing certain conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Improved Ancestry Reports
In addition to the expanded health reports, 23andMe is also improving their ancestry reports. The company will now be able to provide more detailed information about ancestry and ethnicity, including information about specific regions and subregions.

Collaborations with Other Companies
23andMe announced collaborations with several other companies to expand their offerings. They will be working with Ancestry.com to provide customers with access to their vast database of family trees, and with MyHeritage to offer customers access to their database of historical records. 23andMe will also be collaborating with a number of pharmaceutical companies to develop new treatments and cures based on genetic information.

New Features and Tools
Finally, 23andMe announced a number of new features and tools to help customers get the most out of their genetic data. These include improved family matching tools, new visualizations and charts to help customers understand their genetic data, and a new tool to help customers connect with relatives they may not have known about.

Overall, the announcements made by 23andMe at Rootstech 2023 demonstrate the company’s continued commitment to providing customers with the most comprehensive genetic testing and analysis available. With expanded health reports, improved ancestry reports, new collaborations with other companies, and new features and tools, 23andMe is poised to remain a leader in the field of genetic testing and analysis for years to come.

23 and Me announcements at Rootstech 2023

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